How to Pick the Right Gutter Installer [Ask These Questions]

A professional gutter installer affixes a gutter to a home.As spring ends, we head into the summer storm season. Light sprinkling has been replaced with the thunderstorms that are all too common during the warm weather months here in Michigan. An important factor in keeping your home protected from summer storms and the buckets of rain they bring is having solid gutters to catch it all.

Are you in the market for new gutters? Great! 

The next step is to vet your local gutter installers to get the best gutter installation services as well as the best quality performance from your new gutters. Follow our interview questions below to make sure you have chosen the best company for your gutter installation

To learn more about gutter installation cost and discuss your needs, contact JML Sheet Metal now. Since 1988, we've provided comprehensive gutter services to Warren, MI and the greater metro-Detroit area.

1. Do You Install “Seamless” Gutters and Gutter Guards?

There are many types of gutters and materials in use (such as aluminum gutters, steel gutters, or copper gutters.) Some of these fit together more easily than others. The seams in sectional gutters can create gaps where water can leak through. However, gutters can achieve a “seamless” status when the installer has them appropriately connected continuously from one corner to the next. “Seamless” gutters will only have breaks at the corners. 

Gutter guards, also known as gutter screens, are mesh screens that keep debris (like leaves and sticks, for example) from clogging your rain gutters and leaving standing water. Depending on the location of your home and the issues you've encountered, these can be useful additions to your gutter system.

2. For the Corners, What Seams Does Your Company Use?

The fewer the seams, the lower your risk is for leaks. Let’s go over three common types of corner seams:

  • Box Miter - A corner seam that joins three pieces in each corner. Used mainly for its low cost and availability to unskilled laborers. 

  • Strip Miter - A corner seam that uses a thin strip of aluminum to hold two pieces together. This type is a less expensive one to produce. 

  • Custom Hand Mitered - Skilled gutter installers create this type. Custom Hand Mitered corner pieces only have one seam. This piece fits into corners more snuggly and will stay there longer than others. 

3. What Do You Use to Attach the Gutters to My Home?

There are two options for attaching gutters to a given building: nails or screws. Let’s look at each:

  • Nails - Using nails is the old school style. A nail goes through the outside of the gutter then attaches to the fascia board and rafter. Nails have their limits. Over time, nails will pull out. This is caused by the water weight in the gutter. When the nails get pulled out, your gutter will sag and fall away from your home.

  • Screws - Screws are a better bet due to not pulling out or corroding like nails. Your gutter installer should use 2 ¾” screws to connect your gutter to your home. Make sure the screws are long enough to go through the fascia board all the way into the rafter. 

4. Are Aluminum or Galvanized Gutters Better?

  • Aluminum: This is what the industry experts use. It is strong and easy to work with. Plus, this type of material won’t corrode over time!

  • Galvanized: Until the 1980s, this was the go-to material. Galvanized is malleable but corrodes easily. 

5. What is Your Policy on Job Site Cleanup? Do You Offer Gutter Cleaning Services?

Your home is your sanctuary. You are paying professionals to do a job in a timely manner, so you shouldn’t have to clean up after them. After gutter installations, the only change about your property should be your brand new gutters!

In addition to thorough job site cleanup, JML Sheet Metal also provides gutter cleanings for your existing gutters.

6. Does Your Company Have Any Complaints?

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is your friend. If a company isn’t registered there, don’t bother working with them. Just call (248) 223-9400 to check in with the local office on their business practices and if there are any registered complaints. 

Choose a Gutter Installation Crew You Can Trust

Picking the right supplier or gutter installation crew to do your gutters can be tough. Use the questions above to pick out those companies that will waste your time from those that will do quality work for a fair price.

For the best workmanship installing gutters and highest quality materials fabricated in-house, contact JML Sheet Metal. Our crews will custom create your product and install it for you at your home. 

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