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Metal RoofFabricated to Your Specs, Installed on Your Schedule

Homeowners in SE Michigan understand the importance of working directly with the sheet metal manufacturer and the installer. We warehouse a full supply of sheet metal in a rainbow of colors and precisely bend each product  to your home’s specs. We give you job that lasts through Michigan’s harsh winters. If you’ve made the decision to incorporate architectural metals into your home’s façade, we encourage you to come into our showroom and choose the colors from our wide variety. We are happy to work directly with you or your contractor to provide everything you need from Copper Bays, Bows and Turrets to Standing Seam Roofs and Soldered Panels. 


Looking for inspiration? Browse our galleries to see how beautiful architectural sheet metal can be! 

Standing Seam Roof – Copper

Standing Seam Roof- Steel

Bays/Bows/Turrets- Copper

Bays/Bows/Turrets- Aluminum & Steel

Radius Panel Entry (Coming Soon)

Copper Soldered Decks

Specialty Copper Works

Gutters/Downspouts/Leader Heads- Copper

Gutters/Downspouts/Leader Heads- Aluminum & Steel (Coming Soon)