Top 4 Benefits of In-House Roofing Fabrication

A technician installs a metal roof after his in-house team fabricated the sheet metal.Blog originally published on March 18, 2020. Updated on October 7, 2022.

The more people involved and steps in a project, the more chances it has to fail. Commercial roofing projects are no different. The fewer subcontractors, different crews, and steps involved, the smoother the entire project will run. Companies can make the process less complicated by completing the project more quickly, working cost-effectively, and communicating clearly with all outside vendors.

Here at JML Sheet Metal, we found an even easier way: in-house footing sheet or plate metal fabrication and installation.

Keep reading to learn about the top four benefits of our metal fabrication process.

1. Less Chance to Fail

By cutting out subcontractors, vendors, and outside commercial roofing companies, companies that fabricate and install their own sheet metal materials simplify a project. With an in-house company, you get less miscommunication and mistakes due to having just one point of contact. From the initial call to the planning stages to having a crew above your house installing your roof, an in-house team will make your life easier.

2. Projects Get Done Faster

Outsourcing the production of materials or the sheet metal roof installation adds time. Often, the whole project comes to a standstill when a third-party needs more time. Companies with in-house production and installation teams streamline their process and follow a quality management system, so projects get done on time. In-house sheet metal fabricators and installers will work with you to set up a schedule that works, giving you more control over the entire process.

3. Better Efficiency with Custom Metal Fabrication Projects

One of the best aspects of using sheet metal for your roofing material is the customization options you can get. When you work with an in-house company, you can get these options directly from the source of the changes. Simplify the project and get rid of miscommunication when you work directly with the custom sheet metal fabricator. JML Sheet Metal offers the latest technology and custom options like laser cutting, waterjet cutting, and more, ensuring you get the desired shape and material thickness for your needs.

4. Smaller Budget Projects Are Possible with In-House Fabrication Processes

Outsourcing can end up costing more money for the consumer. If your commercial roofing company outsources sheet metal fabrication processes, there may be additional costs they will then pass along to you. When a company fabricates its sheet metal in-house, there are no additional fees.

Choosing the Right Team for In-House Sheet Metal Fabrication Services, Roofing Fabrication, and Installation

Commercial sheet metal roofing projects are complicated, but they don’t need to be. Working with a company that has its own roofing installers and sheet metal fabricators on staff will help you cut costs and get your project done more quickly.

Get all the sheet metal advantages for your business or home by working with JML Sheet Metal, leaders in the metal fabrication industry. Our in-house fabrication and installation teams will ensure your project gets done as quickly and easily as possible!

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