Top 5 Fall Gutter Cleaning & Gutter Maintenance Tips

A gutter has many leaves in it that are being cleaned out by a person wearing gloves.


Your rain gutters, along with your roof, work together to protect your home from nature's elements. While a storm pelts your home's exterior, the gutters direct water and moisture on a safe path away from your home.

To keep your house protected, make sure to keep up with maintaining your gutters and have your gutters cleaned regularly. Keep water where it belongs — off your basement floors and living room walls — by following our fall maintenance tips below.

Fall Maintenance Tips to Prevent Clogged Gutters

At JML Sheet Metal, we are Michigan's experts in roofing, siding, and gutter care, and we love sharing our expertise with our community. Here are our top five tips for clean gutters!

  1. Consider Your Gutter’s Angles: Gutters need to slope gently toward the downspouts. You may need to make adjustments to them over time or else water can pool in areas without a proper slope, making it difficult to drain. To check for standing water, test your slope by pouring water into your gutters with a hose. You may need to add supports or additional downspouts.

  2. Pick Out Any Leaks: While you spray the hose to check the angle of the gutters, also be on the lookout for any holes or weak spots. Rusted areas are danger spots for leaks. Make sure to seal the inside and outside of these spots to keep your gutter system working in top notch condition. 

  3. Look Out for Wobbly Gutters: When water pools, it can pull your gutters away from your building. Add hanging brackets or other supports to keep the gutters safely attached to your building. Make sure to regularly check on this.

  4. Clean Out Leaves, Branches, & Other Debris: Autumn earns its more popular name of “fall” when the leaves shift color and drop. But don’t just rake leaves in the yard; make sure to clean them from your gutters, too! Remove debris buildup to keep the autumn rains flowing where they need to be going. Gutter guard systems can also help keep debris clear.

  5. Don’t Forget Your Downspout: Look for worn-out spots or leaks in your downspouts. Double-check any joined areas to ensure a seamless connection. 

In addition to these tips, there are other options and home improvement modifications you can make to your home, including gutter guards.

What Are Gutter Guards?

Gutter guards (also known as gutter screens, covers, or helmets) are an extra precaution that help prevent clogs in your gutter. They are installed with simple screws and they act as an overlay screen that prevents debris and remaining dirt from accumulating in your gutters while still allowing water to drain through.

JML Sheet Metal company can install gutter guards for your home or garage. Contact us now to learn more about the options available to you.

Call the Roofing Professionals at JML for Complete Gutter Cleaning Services & Gutter System Maintenance

Roofs are tough to maintain, especially during transitional times like spring and fall. Make sure you are checking out the common trouble spots like worn out shingles, pooling water, or faulty gutters to ensure your roof will make it through the winter and to prevent the need for more expensive repairs later on down the line. If you are faced with a costly gutter problem, get a second opinion by calling in the professional contractors at JML.

In addition to extensive experience cleaning gutters, and our crew has the knowledge and ability to solve your problems and protect your home and its foundation from damage. Over the years, we've delighted hundreds of residential and commercial customers right here in Michigan.

JML Sheet Metal provides the best metal roofing and gutters to keep your home dry and comfortable. For a job well done, give us a call today at (586) 756-4133 to schedule gutter cleaning, gutter guard installation, or gutter repair ASAP.

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