Why Is Copper Used for Roofing? Top 6 Benefits of Copper for Home Roofing

A home with a copper roof will enjoy many benefits including a long life and sturdy durability.There are many metal materials, each offering a different style and options. 

Copper is a material with a classic look that will live a long life. Copper has lasted more than 100 years when properly maintained. Many European buildings have used copper that still crowns their structures. The beauty and long life of copper are enough to make it an incredible choice for your home. Keep reading to learn about more of the benefits of using copper in your home's roof.

1. Changing Up the Style

Copper pairs well with many different building styles. From modern to older techniques, copper can work with any structure!

2. Flexibility

Not only is copper versatile, it is also flexible. The material’s malleability makes it ideal for unique needs. A professional contractor and metal worker can shape copper into shapes that suit your home’s natural structure. 

3. Weather-Resistant

Copper shrugs off weather conditions like an elephant ignoring a fly. Eventually, your copper will take on a greenish hue. After that color change, your copper roof will only grow stronger. 

4. Fireproof (and Resistant to Mildew and Fungus)

Copper is not a flammable material, so you won’t need to worry about it catching fire from faulty wiring or electrical storms. Additionally, you can rest easy knowing that copper is not a material where life grows. Fungus and mildew won’t grow on a copper surface.

5. Maintenance-Free and Efficient

Since copper stands up to weather conditions, it needs few repairs and upkeep to stay functional and beautiful. Save yourself the hassle of ongoing work by choosing copper. 

6. Easy on Your Home’s Structure

Copper is a lightweight material. Due to it being lighter than many other roofing materials, your home won’t have the same level of stress as it otherwise would. Save money on repairs and maintenance for your home’s underlying structure when you have a copper roof. 

Choose an Experienced Sheet Metal Fabricator for Your Process

Copper is an efficient, beautiful material that will give your home a special touch for years to come. There are many great metal materials available for your roofing, siding, and more. Partnering with an experienced fabrication company like JML Sheet Metal will ensure you get the right material for your home’s needs. Call us today to chat about your roofing needs.

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