Advantages Of A Metal Roof

A metal roof can have a lot of advantages over conventional roofing materials. From longer life spans to durability, a metal roof can be a great choice. 

Longer Lifespan: A metal roof, when installed properly, can last as long as the house. Metal is also resistant to mildew, insects, rot, and fire, which other conventional roofing materials are not. When it comes to warranties, many roofs have a 10- year to 20-year warranty for them. 

Weight: Tile usually weighs around 750 pounds per square foot and concrete tile can weigh 900 pounds per square foot, but metal roofing is much lighter. Metal varieties can run from 50 to 150 pounds per square foot. Due to the lightweight, you can save on the building and engineering of the supporting structure. If you are building an addition, you can usually reduce the number of roof support members. Some roofing materials can even be applied over an existing roof, without the need for additional support.

Ease of Installation: Roofing material comes in multiple shingle sections or panels that make it easy to install. If a roof is stripped off and there is a need for quick roof installation, then shortening the process can have many advantages. There are also labor savings because the roof takes less time to install.

Resistance to Fire: Metal materials are often noncombustible and will usually have a Class A fire rating. However, it's important to note that the roof’s fire classification will also depend on the materials that are underneath the surface that could ignite if there is intense heat. If there are metal roofs that are installed over other combustible materials, such as wood shingles, then they have a lower Class C rating.

Better Handling of Snow and Rain: A metal roof is much better at handling snow and rain, due to the way the panels interlock and the slippery and hard surfaces. If the roof is made of darker tones, then it can warm quickly and encourage snowmelt.

Heat Conduction: Metal will reflect heat off the sun, reducing the need for air conditioning during the hot months. Many systems will also use dead air space to help increase energy efficiency.

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